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Products and Services

Find out more about License Monitor's products and services:

Instant Motor Vehicle Records

When one of your drivers is in a collision, a cascade of direct and indirect negative events take place. Managers move into crisis management mode, deliveries are rerouted, police reports and summonses must be analyzed, insurance claims need to be processed. Service quality invariably declines as managers are preoccupied, customers are lost, and insurance premiums undoubtedly climb.

Not every incident is fatal, but even small mishaps cost money. The average accident costs an employer approximately $16,500 when you take into account the direct and indirect costs of the crash. That figure quickly rises to over $70,000 if a personal injury is involved.

Using License Monitor, you can screen problematic drivers before you hire them and keep unsafe drivers off the road. In addition to DriverManager® in New York, License Monitor offers instant, motor vehicle records. Driver license information is accessed and reported via your secure account and is available 24/7.

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