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Products and Services

Find out more about License Monitor's products and services:

According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), motor vehicle crashes are the single largest source of workplace-related injury and death in the United States. In fact, employer costs are estimated to be over $70,000 per motor vehicle injury. Many of these accidents and injuries are caused by improperly licensed individuals. Whether you employ a large fleet or just a few drivers, License Monitor provides protection, savings and peace of mind.

At the heart of License Monitor's offering is the delivery of pro-active driver license information. Simply register your employees for License Monitor and receive notification of all reported driver license activity. Put your company in the position to take action before an accident occurs!

Further protect your organization by employing License Monitor's Driver Data Management System. Our business intelligence application allows you to easily put pro-active driver data to work so you may quickly identify the risks associated with your fleet.

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