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Private/Commercial Sector

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires an annual motor vehicle record review for any private/commercial sector driver, checking once or twice a year is no longer enough. A lot can happen in the course of a year. And having an unlicensed or unqualified driver on the road is not something your company can afford.

What’s more, managing driver license activity is a demanding task. It’s not enough to just request and file motor vehicle records. You have to review each and every one and make a determination as to whether or not any license activity warrants attention. It’s likely that properly licensed drivers may still present a safety hazard to your organization and/or the public.

License Monitor’s DriverManager 3.1c allows you to successfully manage driver risk. You receive DriverAlerts by email when there is updated driver license activity (accidents, convictions, DWIs, endorsement and class changes, expirations, revocations, suspensions, etc.) Plus, all driver license information is securely stored and may be easily retrieved. Want to see which drivers have had a particular license activity? Or what drivers require additional training? It’s just a click of the mouse away.

DriverManager 3.1c means keeping unlicensed, unqualified, and high-risk drivers off the road and contributes directly to your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • Reduces insurance costs. Vehicle accidents translate into higher insurance premiums and the possible cancellation of your private/commercial sector auto insurance.
  • Reduces Workers’ Compensation expenses. Each job-related injury drives up your company’s Workers’ Comp costs for three years.
  • Increases productivity. Job-related accidents mean “time off” if a driver is injured or must go to court. Lost time means lost profits.
  • Avoids bad publicity. Vehicle accidents make the news…every day! No company wants to be the subject of a negative news story.

The only effective way to manage driver risk is to proactively monitor driver license activity. See what DriverManager 3.1c can do for your organization. Take our online tour or contact us today.

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