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Market Segments


The New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal

The New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) has partnered with License Monitor (LMI) to provide NYSIR subscriber school districts with a state-of-the-art risk management tool for proactively monitoring driver’s license activity and managing driver data.

To date, more than 200 NYSIR subscribers throughout New York State have taken advantage of this value-added benefit, which allows school districts to monitor changes to employees’ driver‘s licenses on a daily basis.

Subscribers receive e-mail alerts about driver’s license activity involving:

  • Pending License Expirations
  • Pending License Suspensions
  • Pending License Revocations
  • Expired License
  • Suspended License
  • Revoked License
  • Suspension/Hardship Priv. License
  • Restricted License
  • Conditional License
  • Surrendered License
  • Court Convictions
  • License Restorations
  • Accidents
  • Accident Prevention Courses

Through LMI’s online program, updated driver’s license activity is reported when it occurs, allowing NYSIR members to ensure that unlicensed or unqualified drivers are not operating district vehicles.

LMI’S DriverManager® 3.1g makes it easy for school bus supervisors to stay in compliance with strict government and 19-A regulations by providing:

  • Bulk printing of driver history records
  • Prominent display of all drivers’ license due in 30 days or out of compliance
  • Pre-populated 19-A forms
  • Bulk printing of all pre-populated 19-A forms
  • Archiving of 19-A compliance requirements
  • Customized fleet reports
  • Customized driver searches
  • Pre-screening to identify at-risk drivers

With DriverManager® 3.1g, NYSIR Subscribers have the critical information they need to efficiently manage driver risk, delivered directly to their desktops.

To get more Information, please contact:
Regina O’Neill
Account Manager
License Monitor, Inc.
800-303-8063 Ext. 15


Paul Weinstein
Director of Marketing and Subscriber Support
800-476-9747 EXT. 1466

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